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Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse

Database Conversion and Migration

Program and Project Management

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Moshier Island Group is a full service information technology service provider. Whether you have a small, high-growth business that needs to take your technology assets to the next level of quality and scalability or a large business looking to reduce total cost of ownership of your infrastructure, we can help.

Moshier Island Group can provide database-centric solutions that will improve your ability to communicate with your customers and suppliers and provide you with critical information to grow your business as a by-product of your operations. We have over 20 years of IT experience with a focus on information management and multi-tier application development.

Architecture is always present - by design or by default. A sound business/technology architecture should include most, if not all of the components below. The effective design of these components is critical to the success of any Rapid Application Development activity. Moshier Island Group excels in the rapid delivery of architecturally sound business solutions.
Logical and physical processing tiers.
Reusable application components, business objects, and web services.
Process and data flows
Normalized and star schema relational databases.
Transactional/Operational/Atomic/Data warehouse/Data mart databases
Persistent and transient data structures.
Data models and flows.
Message queues.
Application tools and technologies.
Hosting and processing platforms.
Network topologies.

Application design and development.

Microsoft DNA (ASP/VB/Com+) and .Net.
High performance, scalable, database-centric applications (DB2 and SQLServer).
Web services.
Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse design and development.
Star schema OLAP delivery.
ETL (extract/transform/load) expertise.
Large scale Operational/Atomic Data Stores (ODS, ADS) and staging databases.
Database conversion and migration.
Across processor platforms (mainframe, midrange, WIntel)..
Across server platforms (Oracle, SQLServer, DB2 conversions).
Database replication (log shipping, real-time replication).
Hands-on project and program management.
Zachman Framework, JAD, RAD (Rapid Application Development), and Extreme Programming methodologies.
Extensive use of Kimball methodology (OLAP)
Extensive use of MS Project.

Efficient, flexible, scalable systems
High performance access to information
Improved supplier and customer relationships



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