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Peter Hazzard, the Founder and Principal Consultant of Moshier Island Group, has over 18 years of system integration and application development experience. From Fortune 250 to dot com start-up, he has consistently delivered scalable, high-performance systems and applications that have had significant positive impact to the business operations.

These positive results have been obtained on a variety of computing platforms from mainframe to workstation using current and leading-edge technologies - which have evolved and changed constantly. The common denominator for each has been the backbone of robust application architecture and relational databases.

Over the past several years, Mr. Hazzard has focused on n-tier, object-oriented application development and business intelligence/data warehouse projects.

Work History

Moshier Island Group - Freeport, Me (2001-present)

Founder and Principal Consultant specializing in:
Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse
Application/System Design and Development
Database Replication, Conversion and Migration
Program and Project Management
Core technologies - MS Project and intranet extensions, SQLServer, ASP/VB/COM+, ADO, .Net, DTS, DB2 UDB, DB2 Warehouse Center, Replication Center, Teradata V2R5 and associated utlities

Intellicare, Inc- South Portland, Me. (1999-2003)
Principal Developer/Architect
- Vice President
One of two principal architects and developers of world class data-driven application suite in support of healthcare contact centers.
Worked with company founders and CEO to define, design, and deliver product components.
Delivered scalable architecture and initial increment to process critical business processes within 6 months.
Delivered revolutionary Application Service Provider/network functionality and support for remote agents within 12 months.
Delivered unique, industry-leading product within 24 months. Integrated telephony, fax, paging, secure email, content management, automated telephonic triage algorithms.
Developed and integrated IP telephony, outbound messaging (fax, paging, email), and reporting features
Developed fully integrated Web self-service modules.
Recruited and managed top talent to excellent results.

Core technologies - VB/ASP/COM+, VB .NET, SQLServer 2000 (clustered, 100Gb of online transactional data)

Defined, designed and delivered data warehouse/data mart environment moving data from SQLServer sources to DB2 UDB and iSeries targets.
Complex SQL-based ETL using IBM Warehouse Center.
Star schema - multiple fact tables with conformed dimensions.
Core technologies - SQLServer 2000, DTS, DB2 UDB (V8.2), Warehouse Center, Allfusion/ErWin, DBArtisan/RapidSQL, Java, Cognos V7

UNUM Corporation - Portland, Me. (1995-1999)
Lead Architect - Data Warehouse
UNUM enterprise data warehouse architect. Developed and began incremental execution of enterprise data warehouse/DSS strategy.
Reported to CIO and worked with Sr. Management at this Fortune 250 company.
Defined and staffed a small, high performance organization of senior developers.
Selected and implemented technical platform (database, ETL/data movement tools, front end/query tools).
Lead programmer and database designer of complex ETL modules with a star schema target (multiple fact tables with conformed dimensions).
Provided first true enterprise view of revenue (premium) and expense (claims) data within 4 months.
Core technologies - DB2 UDB EEE on NT, Teradata on RS6000, SAS/MVS, SAS/NT, Complex SQL, Microstrategy toolset

UNUM Corporation - Portland, Me. (1991-1995)
Internal Consultant and Architect
Drove the development, evolution, and support of a data warehouse application architecture.
Core technologies - DB2/2, DB2 UDB, SAS/MVS, SAS/NT, SQLPro/Excel, ODBC, Visual C++

UNUM Corporation (Investment Division)- Portland, Me. (1985-1991)
Application Developer
Progressed through IT job family designing and developing relational database applications when the technology was quite new.
Financial systems, portfolio management, incentive compensation, trading applications.
Core technologies - SQL/DS (precursor to DB2), DB2 version 1, REXX/ISPF, COBOL, CICS.

UNUM Life Insurance Company of America - Portland, Me. (1980-1985)
Customer Service Representative


Database Skills
Over eighteen years of relational database design and development experience with strong emphasis on application development in the distributed and Web environments.
IBM-certified DB2 Solutions Expert.
Extensive DB2 UDB experience from Version 1.0 through Version 8.2 including performance tuning and internals.
SQL and Java stored procedure experience. Dynamic SQL (ADO/ODBC/CLI) and static embedded SQL.
DB2 Control Center, Development Center, Command Center, Warehouse Center expertise.
DB2 Materialized Query Tables (MQTs), Federated DBs, DB2 OLAP
Significant mainframe (VM and OS/390) SQL/DS and DB2 experience.
Extensive SQLServer experience including TSQL, performance tuning, replication, and DTS.
Extensive logical data modeling and physical database design at the enterprise and departmental levels.
Database performance optimization experience, including VLDB.
Extensive experience with business intelligence, data warehouse, and data mart implementations.
Extensive SQL expertise, especially complex DML.
Limited experience with Oracle and Teradata.

Significant experience with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and data-driven application design using a variety of tools on multiple computing platforms.
Expertise in ASP/Visual Basic/COM+ and ASP.Net/Web services application.
Some Java - particularly with DB2 stored procedures.
AllFusion Erwin expertise. Reverse/forward engineering, 3NF and star schema dimensional models.
Crystal Developer 8 - client/server and Web/thin client implementations
Cognos V7 - Impromptu and PowerPlay
DB2 OLAP (Hyperion Essbase)
HTML, CGI/Perl, JavaScript
Significant cross-platform SAS experience (through Version 6)
Many others not current (COBOLII, Telon, REXX/ISPF, QMF, Intellect)

CASE tools/methodologies
Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Extreme Programming expertise.
Extensive JAD and waterfall methodology experience.
Microsoft Project and Project Central (web project interface).
Developed a custom web interface to share and maintain MS Projects over the web.
Expert in Dr. Ralph Kimball's "Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit" methodology.

IBM Certified Solution Designer - DB2 Business Intelligence V8 - (pending)
IBM Certified DB2 Solutions Expert- 1998
IBM Certified DB2 Application Developer - 1996
Data Warehouse Institute Conference (1997-1999)
Web Site Design and Development (Learning Tree 1997)
Advanced Visual Basic 4 for Enterprise Applications (1996)
DB2 Technical Conference (1994-1996)
Object Oriented Programming with C++ (Semaphore 1995)
DCI Data Warehousing Conference (1994)
International DB2 User Group (1990-1994)
Featured speaker at SAS Institute, Inc. Application Development Forum (June 1994).
Numerous SQL/DS and DB2 classes, seminars, and design reviews (IBM).
Structured Systems Analysis and Design (Dan Meyers and Associates 1988)
Data Modeling (Information Impact International - Dr. Larry English 1988)
LOMA exams I through VIII (Life Office Management Association 1982-1985)
Trinity College - Hartford, Ct.
Yarmouth High School - Yarmouth, Me.
National Merit Scholar (1976)


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